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Microwave  thawing is a kind of new development of defrost product method. It utilizes high power density of 915 Mhz microwave penetration features to fast thaw the frozen material as well as ensure uniformly thawing result both inside and surface temperature which could quickly rise temperature from -20ºC (68°F) ~ -18ºC (64.4°F) to -2ºC (35.6°F) ~ 0ºC (32°F) only need 2 to 5.5 minutes. The thawing process would not alter the nutritional composition, color than the basic appearance with the continuous production. Meanwhile, it significantly reduces the breeding of harmful bacteria as one of the advanced thawing solutions. The thawed products are including beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, pork and all kinds of pet food meat,frozen fruits and other products.

Working principle of microwave thawing equipment:
When the microwave penetrates the food, the polar molecules such as water molecules in the food oscillate to generate inter-molecular friction. This friction occurs simultaneously in the millions of molecules inside the food, which generates heat inthe material. Since the microwave can penetrate into the frozen material in a large amount, the ice crystals are almost simultaneously heated and melted in the frozen block of the pork during the microwave thawing process.

During this period, the temperature difference between the thawed materials is small, and the difference in water pressure between the muscle fiber cells inside and outside is not large, so there is no obvious problem of juice loss caused by water movement.

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